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Asbury Trails in Wilmore, KY

* Dogs on leashes welcome

Photos by Marie Pullen Photography

Asbury Trail, winding through Wilmore, Kentucky on Shanty Hill Road is great for hiking enthusiasts. The centerpiece is the Palisades, especially if there's a waterfall! Upon entering I found the best route to take is to the left. There is a fairly steep grade downhill which can get a little slick with recent rainfall.

Video of First Falls at Asbury

First Falls

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

Falls at the Palisades

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

You can climb up for a closer look!

Hike past the bridge on the right and you may come to a small waterfall on the left. There's a rather steep trail right next to this waterfall which I would skip if it's muddy. And don't worry because just beyond that point there's a bigger waterfall cascading directly down the Palisades. This is the one to see! It can be quite beautiful if it's rained lately. You can move in very close and catch the cool sprays, a welcomed relief on a hot day.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

You'll pass this bridge on your way to the falls, I recommend taking in on your return trip.

If you don't care to hike that steeper trail on your way back from the waterfalls, cross over the little foot bridge on the left. It will lead you to a gravel trail where the grade is not as precarious.

The Kentucky River can be accessed near the pump station. And by the way, this is a fantastic place for your water-loving dog!

I took some artistic license with this photo & love how it turned out!

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

Funs facts: There are over a mile of palisades and the 50 some acres are also home to a colony of feral goats!

There are plenty of little trails here and there, just explore, there is so much nature & beauty to experience! This is a fun trail to add to your list.

Asbury Frozen Falls

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

Ride em Cowgirl!

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography


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