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Summertime Jazzzz

* Family friendly * Dogs on leashes

The Bluegrass offers multitude avenues for the enjoyment and appreciation of music, art and culture. Lexington's summertime family/dog-friendly big band and jazz concert series is one of the many unique choices.

Grab your camping chairs, picnic basket, sun hat and preferred beverage. Head out to the Moondance Amphitheater every Tuesday evening from 7-8:30pm for live musical merriment! The second half of summer, the venue switches to cozy Ecton Park, nestled amidst big, shady tress with a playground nearby. Pack a bottle of bubbles for the kids. They'll have a ball running around, meeting other children and dancing their little hearts out. Concerts run through August 29th.

There are often food or dessert trucks on hand, offering local goodies. Sav's Chill was scooping deliciously creamy, hand-crafted ice cream the evening we attended.

Jazz not your thing? No problem! They'll hook you up on Monday evenings with Southland Jamboree or Fridays with Summer Nights in Suburbia. Check out the link at the bottom for more information.

Settle in and relax with your family and friends. The music is an absolute delight and performed at a comfortable volume so conversation flows easily. Contentment reigns as familiar melodies dance along the breeze and a brilliant sun sets on the horizon.


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