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Cove Springs- Frankfort, KY

* Family Friendly * Dogs on leashes

Cove Springs is a delightful trail in Frankfort Kentucky. It's easy to find and has multiple connecting trails. You'll notice when you first arrive a waterfall near the parking lot and in the water below are goldfish and catfish! Be sure to have a look and take a selfie!

I tend to wander a lot and not necessarily decide which trail I'll take but just choose the one that calls to me at any given fork in the road. I will say that the Holly and the Osage Trails are very nice and wind pleasantly through the woods.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

You'll find one of the trail entrances just beyond the restrooms. This trail is moderately easy in my opinion. Parts of it run along the waterway and I always enjoy hearing the sound of running water when I'm hiking. Keep your eyes and ears open as the trail is known for having a variety of bird species. We heard a woodpecker and an owl on our last trip.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

Continue on and you may find yourself hiking into a flat meadow which is lovely when the flowers are blooming. If you're into a more leisurely walk, there are plenty of little spots that would be perfect for throwing down a blanket and having a picnic! Follow a little side trail and you might end up at an old tobacco barn on the Osage Trail.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

If you see the trail markings for Skye Trail, don't be fooled, it is actually a paved circular path. Go ahead and take this and you will enjoy a nice overview of the capital and of Buffalo trace distillery.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography Beautiful Polk Berries

The Holly Trail will wind you back to the entrance next to a smaller waterfall area.

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