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Goin' Gansta

I first learned about Goodfellas Pizzeria as a tiny little storefront on North Mill St. that only sat a handful of people. Still, somehow people seemed to know and talk about it. It was a great place to walk up and get pizza, and with slice in hand, continue around downtown.

Lo and behold if they didn't open up a gigantic venue in the Distillery District on Manchester Street last year, making their home in an old bourbon warehouse with exposed brick and cement. It's now a multilevel establishment with abundant seating, beautiful bar, outdoor bocce ball area and common area for outdoor dining.

Goodfellas stayed true to their original concept of walking in the door and ordering a slice, or a whole pie. Local beers are seasonally available of rotating taps or you can make your way over to the Wiseguy Lounge where they will mix up whatever concoction you please using fresh pressed juices and homemade syrups. If you are a Kentucky bourbon lover, you may even wish to join their Bourbon Connoisseurs Club where you can attend tastings in which master distillers visit and share their knowledge about their barrel aged craft.

Seating on the second level offers a great view of the entire restaurant as well as a little time at the pool table. There's comfortable couch seating which is always a no-brainer for me.

If you get really lucky, and it's available, you may find an opportunity to dine inside the silo. The view upward into the strings of lights and open sky is a unique treat.

And even if you're outside of the Bluegrass, you can pop in and get a slice in Covington, Indy and Cincy!


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