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Josephine Sculpture Park- Frankfort, KY

*Family friendly *Dogs on leash

Residing in Frankfort, KY is a secret gem known as Josephine Sculpture Park. Choose a sunny day for a leisurely ramble on the grounds of this uncommon woodland. Here you will discover a remarkable display of outdoor artwork woven into the lush landscape. Most of the artwork you can touch but not climb on.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

You will be welcomed into the park by "Clippity Clop", an impressive steed made of countless metal objects. Take a minute to examine the intricacy of elements ingeniously wedded to create this impressive sculpture. You will find mechanical parts, garden tools, chains, cogs and more! Created by artist Dixie Jewett.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

The mission of Josephine Sculpture Park is to provide community arts education and creative experiences while conserving the beauty of Kentucky's native, rural terrain. Entry is free because the founders believe that art is for everyone! However you can donate and I highly recommend you give generously to help keep this area alive and thriving.

"Suspended in Water or Air" by Emma McClellan. This striking piece is derived from fabricated steel and is based on boats from Kentucky's waterways. Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

Inventive combinations of metal, wood and other materials comprise the various sculptures that appear along the path. Look up! Even the trees are bedecked with fanciful works of art. The artist's name, location and a description are provided for each. Use your creative imagination for the more interpretive pieces. ;)

"Put a Ring on It" was inspired by the artist's experience with silversmithing and jewelry design. Ramona Harmes specializes in statement pieces. I'd say this one surely fits the bill!

Check out the Events on their website. Many interesting classes are available and events such as musical jam sessions, concerts and artists demonstrating their crafts will delight all in attendance. Their Fall Festival is right around the corner on September 10th. Don't miss out on this gala event which encourages experimentation and an array of amusing activities for kids aged 1-99.

Steel, wire, burlap, resin, bamboo and wood make up this endearing creature titled, "The Ox Carries the Load" by Jenny Hager-Vickery.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

This is the perfect opportunity to get the children outdoors to embrace a unique experience that is totally fun! Or bring your date for a romantic picnic.

This clever "Forget me Knot II" was created by Melanie VanHouten of cast iron. It is named for the Myosotis Sylvatica, the Forget me Not flower found in Kentucky. Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

"Latitude Meets the Earth" was designed as a community sculpture in collaboration with artists from Latitude. The public was invited to participate in painting this piece. The cut out doors represent the many shapes & sizes of the artists.

“Where Art Meets Earth” is the mantra of The Josephine Sculpture Park and an apt description for a positively "grounding" experience. Be sure to make time to visit this one-of-a-kind interactive experience found only in Frankfort, Kentucky where you will see these sculptures and many more!

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