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Melted Snowman Cookies

Needed: Refrigerated cookie dough Large marshmallows or Lindt white chocolate balls Small, colored icing tubes with fine point Colored food markers 1 cup Powered sugar Miscellaneous candies for decorating These wintry treats are a fun and artful way to express your quirky sense of humor and an enjoyable project for adults and kids alike! Truth be told, I’m not much of a baker; more a cook. Therefore, I won’t be baking from scratch.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

First things first. Choose your favorite cookie dough with a light color. It really doesn’t matter too much as the cookie will virtually be covered with “melted snow”. Good selections are sugar, snicker-doodle and white chocolate and macadamia nut. The original instructions call for large marshmallows heads. I have since devised something far more tasty… Lindt white chocolate balls!

If you buy the prepackaged cookies that are cut into squares, just use a little flour and roll them into balls. Press them slightly flat so that your wafers are round after baking. The package makes 24 small cookies so I combined two to create one larger cookie for an end result of 12 cookies from the package. Next, let the cookies cool completely. I can’t emphasize this enough. You want melted snowman/woman confections as opposed to a big hot mess.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

Slowly mix water, a teaspoon at a time into powdered sugar until you have a thick paste (it takes less water than you'd think). Spoon the paste over the cookie and spread it around. Fan the mixture out and over some of the edges. You're creating the impression that the snowman's body has literally melted. Make sure the paste is soft enough to place and secure the snowman's head on the cookie, closer to an outer edge (see photo). Allow to dry before proceeding. Time to decorate! Use your icing to design different looks for each snowman or snow-woman. Highlight the hair with a bow and add a necktie, bow tie or scarf. Draw little stick arms and faces with black food marker. Creatively apply different facial expressions with your food grade markers, such as a happy smile or surprised, grumpy and laughing facades.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

Let your Frosty inspirations run wild and you’ll soon discover eye-catching bling for your snow people. Include the occasional ear muffs shaped from the icing. Gum drops or swirled kisses serve well as hats. Try a fruit leather scarf or mini-M&Ms for buttons. How about an animal cracker or gummy bear pet! I plan to bring my kooky cookies to a party with a Christmas Vacation movie theme. Guests are encouraged to attend dressed as one of the movie characters. I'm sure they and my seasonal baked goods will be a big hit!


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