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Bluegrass Mystery Theatre

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

Monsters, Mayhem and Murder

Felix the Bloody (Adam Sovkoplas), Madison Avenue (Evender Hodges), Finn (Melissa Rae Wilkeson), Anna (Dana Edison), Howard (Harold Nikirk

One of the few business ventures in the area which provides a delicious dinner combined with theatrical entertainment, the Bluegrass Mystery Theatre is a fun and interesting departure from the norm.

Established in 2008 by owner and actor Dana L. Edison, the event has a solid history in the Bluegrass.

Edison explains that it wasn’t easy in the beginning, “No one knew me and it was really difficult to get venues and actors." Like many things, it was a Catch 22 - she needed accomplished actors to attract large audiences to win good venues for the performances. Dana worked tirelessly, pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, passing out flyers and meeting business owners. Her first programs were all marketed by word-of-mouth before the age of social media. It took some time but eventually seasoned, local actors as well as venues were arriving to seek participation.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

Playing with Murder

These days the Bluegrass Mystery Theatre stays busy with three, regular monthly venues: My Old Kentucky Dinner Train departing from Bardstown, Boone’s Tavern in Berea and Columbia’s Steakhouse in downtown Lexington. You’ll often find them performing at other establishments in and around Lexington, including Wildside Winery in Versailles, Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, and the newest, Pivot Brewing on Delaware Avenue in Lexington. Bluegrass Mystery Theatre also performs for corporate, fundraising and private events. They just finished their best month ever in December with ten shows!

Dana keeps quite busy between hiring actors, script approvals, costumes, venues, marketing, rehearsals, photo shoots and more. She has never missed a presentation in ten years and that’s a lot of shows!

The story lines are always intriguing, witty and creative with hilarious character names such as Paddy McFaddy and Patches McButterpants. Every month the performance is unique, so Bluegrass Mystery Theatre has many returning fans and typically sells out the majority of their shows. The audience is encouraged to participate either during the performance or in determining the killer at the finale when a winner is drawn from correct answers to receive a prize.

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

Redneck Rivalry- Bunky Wonky (Adam Sovkoplas), Dory (Patti Heying), Mavis (Melissa Rae Wilkeson), Willy Wonky (Patrick Camp), Phyllis (Dana Edison)

Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's owner has a big heart for the local community. Dana collects donations at every Columbia Steak event to benefit God’s Pantry Food Bank, using a prize raffle for a free show ticket.

February’s presentation is titled For the Love of Murder which features a matchmaker attempting to expand her online dating service by hosting a couples retreat full of mystery and intrigue. The show in March, Top of the Murder To You is equally as exciting and revolves around a lecture group from Ireland, a love triangle, a surprise guest and the mysterious murder of someone whose luck has run out!

Find the Bluegrass Mystery Theatre show schedule and venues online and follow them on Facebook & Instagram. Book early to ensure your seat!


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