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Keeneland, a Day at the Track- Lexington, KY

Springtime would not bloom as beautifully if I haven’t managed to spend at least one afternoon at Lexington's Keeneland Race Course. Granted, as we struggle free of Old Man Winter's chilly embrace, it's been a little difficult making it to this season's meets. But just as those resolute jockeys astride their young thoroughbreds forge ahead, so must we rally to cheer them on. Besides, this rewarding experience is sooo Kentucky, it just can’t be missed!

I eagerly await the lively outings with family and friends on The Hill, Keeneland's official tailgating destination. What a perfect vantage point from which to observe the world-class "sport of kings". Huge numbers of enthusiastic fans throng The Hill to stake a claim. Portable setups vary from simple to the extravagant. Resembling pop-up, mini-cafes, canopies wave above lines of tables, laden with choice edibles. Corn hole and other amusing games offer a pleasant diversion on a beautiful day. The camaraderie is light and cheerful as the community meets to share fun in the sun.

The Hill is well equipped with betting stations and strategically-placed, big screen TVs to catch the current action. Live music draws in the revelers as the ready-to-serve food trucks line up. The outdoor restrooms are nice and clean. Patrons can fancy the excitement of a full day on The Hill or may wish to board a shuttle to the grandstand. There you'll witness the frenzied competition of horse racing up close and personal!

Prior to attending the grandstand, enhance your adventure by taking a few minutes to acquaint yourself with these fascinating steeds as they parade the staging area. Visitors are granted an opportunity to examine the animals and choose the number(s) they'll be rooting for once the bugle call signals the start of the race. These amazing thoroughbreds have absolutely striking, athletic physiques. With beautifully honed muscles coated in sleek, dark hair, there is a regal air about these highly-trained equinethat endear them to dazzled onlookers.

Now IF you are fortunate enough to receive an invitation to a sky box, by all means take it! The food is wonderful, the view fabulous and there’s no concern for nature's unpredictable moods.

Be sure to purchase a program on your way in where you can peruse the lineup on every race. You will find jockeys, trainers and the odds listed for the horses, as well as backstories. Odds change of course, right up to the beginning of each race. These variations depend on many factors including the effects of contestants that may have dropped out of the running. If you’re puzzled on where to place your cash you’re in luck! Keeneland handily provides "Betologists" who are happy to answer questions and assist in venturing a more informed wager. And least we forget the ultimate reason for our mission, nothing beats the thrill of choosing a WINNER!

Pack a sun hat, picnic basket and some mad money and race, don't walk, to a most memorable and enjoyable afternoon at Central Kentucky's historic Keeneland before season's end!

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