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Street Corn Named Desire

Photos by Marie Pullen Photography

Ever since attending the Crave Food Festival last summer and wrapping my taste buds around the best street corn from Bella Notte I have ever savored, I've wanted to prepare this delicious dish for myself!

Best ever Street Corn from Belle Notte at CRAVE!

I’ve strategically posted this recipe as there is no better time than right NOW to get super sweet corn on the cob from your local farmer's plump harvest.

I’ve tried a few recipes and though I like to tweak them, for now I’ve settled on the one below. I invite you to add your own preferences and feel free to comment on what delights your fancy.

This recipe is fast and uncomplicated. It includes two different ways to easily cook your corn.

You’ll need:

4 ears fresh corn

1/4 cup mayonaise

1/4 cup sour cream

1 fresh lime

Handful fresh cilantro chopped

Feta or your choice of cheese

1/2 t chili powder to taste

Salt to taste

My preferred method is to char the corn using an outdoor or stove top grill or roasting directly on your gas stove top. I don't cook the ear through. Rotate a quarter turn after a section pops with excitement and shows some blackening.

Blackened corn on the gas stove top

If you choose to microwave, the easiest method is to leave the ear in its husk and cut off the bottom. Cook on high for 2-3 minutes per ear. (You needn’t heat separately, just multiply by number of ears.) Once prepared you can easily shuck by squeezing the yellow/white beauties out of the bottom and that also removes the hairs!

Prepare the lime by rolling it to release the juices. Before cutting, use a peeler or zester to collect the green portion of the peel and finely mince. Cut lime in half, remove the seeds and juice a half portion of the lime.

The zest is the best!

While the corn cooks, mix together the mayo, sour cream, chili powder, salt and lime juice. Set aside. Place the toasty ears of corn in a shallow serving dish.

Spoon the creamy mixture over the ears of corn. Tap in a light dash of chili powder and sprinkle with chopped cilantro, cheese and lime zest. For a bit of zing, slice the remaining lime into pieces to serve on the side. Viola! ¡Eso! in Spanish. As simple as that you have scrumptious street corn that everyone will desire! Once you've prepared it, you’ll be able to whip up these golden nuggets in 15 minutes.

Optional: Add a sweet hint by topping with finely chopped, sun-dried tomatoes, marinated in oil. For a little heat mince in fresh jalapeños. Not a fan of cilantro? Try another seasonal herb such as parsley, basil or chives.

Toppings for Street Corn

These delicious treats are great for a picnic! Halve your corn and wrap individually in foil while still hot. Pack up your mixture and toppings in separate containers. Your guests can add garnishes as desired. I picked up these little shakers 2 for $1 at the Dollar Store!

How about this for an awesomely fun idea?! Put out a Street Corn Bar where friends and family can get creative. For a unique take, introduce a "dessert corn" station with butter warmed to room temperature and a shaker of cinnamon sugar. A dash of chili or cocoa powder will spin this special tidbit in a delicious direction!! Be sure to keep the corn hot.

The Street Corn Named Desire is all ready for my party!

Nom Nom!

Fun at the bar!

Of course, I had to be adventurous and try caramelizing my cinnamon and sugar dessert corn with a small torch!

Caramelizing my sweet toppings.

This distinctive dish can be a little messy which is part of the fun! Corn picks and plenty of napkins will help. If you prefer, the juicy kernels can be cut off the cob and blended with your choice of ingredients.


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