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Raven Run

* Family Friendly *No Pets

Raven Run is a scenic drive off of old Richmond Road in Lexington, KY. It is easy to access and offers a number of trails to choose from. The park itself is 734 acres and borders the Kentucky River.

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One of my favorite things about hiking the trails is that they offer unique experiences every time. They, of course, look different from one season to another, but rainfall can offer a different view as well . Even taking a trail you may be familiar with in the opposite direction will offer a new and interesting opportunity to discover a unique view.

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Take a few minutes at the beginning or the end of your hike to visit the Nature Sanctuary. You will find a lot of information about plants, flowers and even little creatures you may come across on the trails. There are also very accommodating and have nice, clean restrooms there.

The Freedom Trail is the first one you will come across on the right near the parking lot It is paved, scenic and wheelchair accessible. This is a perfect way for anyone to get out into nature.

Make your way to the old black tobacco barn and you will find the trails ahead. I think the Red trail is a popular one and from it you can also access to Yellow, Green, White, Orange and Blue trails. One of my favorites is taking the Red trail because it leads to a wonderful multi-level stream. It's a perfect point to sit and rest for a moment on a rock with the gorgeous view of the water. Not to mention the wonderful sounds of water flowing, birds singing in various insects making their little noises that create a moment that fills all the senses.

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I learned on my most recent trips there that you can also hike next to the field out from in the meadow to a historic home.

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We spotted deer and wild turkeys

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

--->Click here for close-up deer siting video<----

A look at their events calendar will give you an idea of great experiences you can have at the park including star gazing, trail runs and lots of workshops exploring and learning about the wildlife that can be found there.

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Follow signs to "The Overlook" for a great view of the Kentucky River

Photo by Marie Pullen Photography

Follow signs for the Overlook to get a good view of the Kentucky River.

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Raven Run welcomes school children and scouts. In fact they have received a grant which allows children more access to explore nature through a transportation grant.

In total there are 10 miles of trails that pass through meadows, streams and woodlands which are good for hiking and running.

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Be mindful of the trail hours as the seasons change. In the Fall they drop the closing time by an hour each month.

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